Skydiving: My Second Tandem Jump

At 14,000 feet, nothing else matters. Believe it or not, skydiving is both a blissful and mind-blowing experience. And “if it scares you it might be a good thing to try”.

If you need some inspiration from Will Smith, click here. Actually everyone needs this kind of motivation so take a couple minutes to watch it I promise you won’t regret it 😉

The moment the plane door lifted up it hit me I was about to jump out of a perfectly good plane…again! People tell me I’m crazy, but they’re also the same ones too scared to jump!

My instructor, harnessed so tightly to me that we can feel each other breathe, waddled me over to the exit door. Squatted, with my toes hanging off the edge of the plane and looking 2+ miles down at the earth, we would jump on 3…

1…2…We barrel rolled out of the plane & went straight into a backflip. I’d give us a 10/10.

And just like that I’m falling at 120 mph out of the sky. Liberating.

Immediately, I get that rush of adrenaline us junkies live for. This is what it’s all about. The thrill of experiencing something so surreal & it feels like you’re flying.

You don’t get that stomach drop feeling like you would if you were riding a rollercoaster, which I was surprised about after my first jump. My instructor said you only get the gut drop feeling if you jump from something hovering, like a helicopter or hot air balloon (so I’ll have to try that).

When you’re skydiving, it doesn’t quite feel like you’re falling either. Up until you jump out of a plane, any time you’ve “fallen” before has been such a short distance you don’t get to truly experience the feeling.

The air pushing against you is so strong that it feels like you’re flying. It’s an allusion because you’re falling at an extremely fast rate but at the same time you feel like you’re going so slow.

And you feel so small looking out at the curve of the Earth. Skydiving is the only time I truly feel like all my stress from life has been lifted. Because suddenly, for 60 seconds all your worries and problems don’t exist.


And when you reach 6,000 ft above the Earth, you pray for the best and pull the parachute. So far it has opened for me each time 😉

Driving the parachute is an experience in its self. It’s so quiet under the canopy and fun to do spins and ride with the wind.

And then once your feet touch land again, you realize you made it & will never forget the past 60 seconds. And if you’re like me, want to do it again!

I know I’m still young, but if I’ve learned anything in life it’s that if it requires a waiver it’s probably worth doing.

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”


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