Pensacola, FL

Pensacola, FL

Pensacola, FL: A day trip from Destin – or a vacation from my vacation.

March 30 – April 3, 2019

Once we found out the Blue Angels were so close, we decided to make a day trip to view their first practice of the season. They flew high, they flew fast, and they flew close!

Practice lasted about an hour where the Blue Angels performed stunts like flying 18″ apart from one another while flying over the crowd, fast rolls, tight turns, soaring at 700 mph, and “hovering” as much as a jet can allude to.

Afterwards, we went to the National Naval Aviation Museum and saw all sorts of aircraft, uniforms, and military equipment from over the years. It was just a short walk from the runway the Blue Angles were using.

A section of the museum had a variety of flight simulators to give you the chance to feel like you were flying a jet. Of course I was doing that…My Dad was my copilot and we got in our seats, they locked us in, and our flight began. It was extremely engaging and the simulator could turn 360º as well as forward and backwards. You bet I barrel rolled that jet over and over – and let me say, these simulators are not. for. the. weak. You will get motion sickness if you jerk it around a lot – but no regrets!

To end the day, we ate at McGuire’s Irish Pub. It sets quite the mood when you walk in having low lighting and money tucked in nearly every crevice of the place. The waitress told us there was over a million dollars worth of money hung from their ceiling, stuck to their walls, and everywhere else. I wonder if that’s covered by insurance lol – The food was amazing and somewhere I think I’ll be at again.

And that was it – a day in Pensacola and we were headed back to Destin!

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