Passion Island, Mexico


Isla Pasion” as they say in Mexico, is a private island off of the Cozumel coast that can only be reached traveling by catamaran. It is covered by the whitest sand and surrounded by the clearest water. As soon as I set foot on this island it didn’t take me long to figure out what they were passionate about…

Fiesta. Siesta. Tequila. Repeat.

The island is all inclusive and full of entertainment, so there was never a dull second. Naturally, the first place I ventured to was the tiki hut bar. When my friend and I found out the drinks were unlimited, we quickly became amigos with the bartenders. This bar was different, besides being in the middle of the beach,  there were a couple sets of swings hanging from it… which after a couple margaritas isn’t the best idea any more! What didn’t take long to figure out was that the best part about Mexico is the guac and chips (obviously)! I’m very aware guac is extra and I’ve had a lot in my day, but Mexicans must have a secret ingredient they use because I couldn’t get enough!!! The tortilla chips are a whole other story…..perfectly homemade, thick and crispy. Since then, I’m a little disappointed at the chip quality Mexican restaurants have in America. Having access to a buffet with unlimited authentic Mexican food is very dangerous but an experience I will always cherish.

“Happiness is chips and guacamole”

Wanting to take advantage and experience everything Passion Island had to offer, my friend Katie and I decided to take part in all the attractions and activities. Our first game was tequila limbo, where each round you made it under the limbo bar you got a tequila shot straight from the bottle! Nothing like a little liquid encouragement to see how low you can go. We both lost because there is always that one person who is a contortionist. Am I right? Next we ventured to the shoreline where there was an abundance of water floats, trampolines and obstacles to climb on. These floats were no joke to stay balanced on and very easy to fall off. After exhausting myself on the water trampoline, if you wanted to relax you could either go the the hammocks stationed in the water or lay under the gazebos with hanging bed swings. Our moment of tranquility didn’t last long because after a couple shots from limbo set in we made some friends and played sand volleyball. This is my favorite thing to do on the beach because you can dive for the ball and it doesn’t hurt in the sand #dedication. Then, the DJ on the beach started to play Mexican music and before I knew it I was in a conga line. Too bad Despacito wasn’t out yet at this time. After a couple conga lines, some dancing, a few water balloon games, and one too many trips back to the buffet my day on the island came to an end.

While walking up the dock to board the catamaran back to Cozumel, I will never forget some guy hand a pet raccoon just chilling on his shoulder that I got to touch! It was so strange to me that raccoon was so tamed. Unfortunately, I was so caught up in the moment processing how this could be that I didn’t get a picture with it, but it was just so casual to everyone else local to the island. The crewman on the boat back were so much fun and friendly, ensuring all your needs were taken care of. They played music on the way back so we ended up dancing on the top of the catamaran. And let me tell you, doing the wobble or cha-cha-cha slide on the upper level of this boat while speeding through the choppy waves was a task in it self! But we managed and it felt good to be so carefree!

So, if you ever get the chance to go to Passion Island, dooo ittt, you won’t regret it! The wifi is weak and the drinks are strong! This was my first experience at an all inclusive beach and it’s honestly the easiest way to enjoy everything the island has to offer. The only other people there are the ones that came on the catamaran with you and the workers, which happily served me guac way too many times. Mexico was good to me and I can’t wait to go back! Hasta la vista…baby!

One thought on “Passion Island, Mexico

  1. Chuck says:

    Traveling is soooo much fun, as you’ve found out first hand in Mexico. My experience from traveling with the Navy for 23 years, is that no matter what’s being betrayed in the news, people in other countries are people just like us and can be just as kind and fun despite what some news media outlets pushing political agendas may be reporting. As I myself, along with new “local” friends have solved several world problems with a good bartender and a few cocktails.

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