Nassau, Bahamas


The Bahamas was our first port on this cruise. We left Fort Lauderdale Saturday and when I woke up Sunday **BAM** I was in Nassau.

I woke up to a flawless view  of a small strip of the island flourished in plant life accompanied by a cute little dock.

I got off the ship pretty early to start my exploring since this was the shortest stop on our cruise.

When I made it to the main front, locals were bombarding offering taxi rides, beach tours, and promoting excursions,

I later found out that we were the first cruisers the island had seen since Irma visited.

So naturally they were a little bit more enthusiastic about what they had to offer, and I could appreciate that.

I spent most of my time discovering the shops and local restaurants. I always love walking through gift stores and seeing little knick-knack souvenirs. It amazes me how creative people can get with the things they make out of shells!

My day got real exciting when I came across Fat Tuesday, a world famous daiquiri bar!

After much sampling, I ordered a Dirty Monkey…. half mudslinger, half banana daiquiri. 10/10 recommend.

Overall I enjoyed the views of the island and next time I’m in the Bahamas I plan to see Atlantis!!

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