Labadee, Haiti


Haiti, the island I spent Thanksgiving day on this year (2017). Instead of turkey and potatoes we had a BBQ cookout…it’s good to change things up every now and again.

The view I had when I woke up & walked out on my balcony on the Harmony Cruise was astonishing! Haiti has such beautiful hills and teal water.

I spent the day on the beach, found some tanning chairs under a palm trees to settle down, and explored the water.

Just for the record, the shore of Haiti is very rocky – highly recommend trendy water shoes to walk the bottom. Also for the next reason below-

I came across a ton of sea urchins that covered the ocean floor. Held a couple very gently, and the older couple that came up on me doing this so cautiously yelled “they sting”. But no urchins or humans were hurt in this occasion.

THEN as I’m dilly dallying in the water, my Dad comes up from the water and says “Jessie, slowly move your legs back”…my first thought is ohhhhh snap, what has he found?!

After doing some further investigation with the GoPro he hands me the goggles and says “I want you to take a look before it disappears, don’t freak out”…..

I go under water and what do I see?!?! A freakin water snake – or so I thought at the time, which are very poisonous. After some very thorough research on google comparing pictures, turns out it was a Palespotted eel – which don’t bite unless provoked according to the internet.

Overall, it was a cool experience to be up close and personal with something other than some tropical fish. Fish are cool. But palespotted eel are cooler.

Oh yeah, and I did the longest zip line over a body of water in the world! —The Dragon’s Breath Zip Line–It’s about half a mile long and starts 500 feet up on the side of the mountain.

The truck ride up to this zip line was pretty sketchy but part of the experience. We had to go through security gates to go up the mountain and ended up holding on for dear life.

The view at the top of the zip line was picture perfect and of all my zip lining experience, this was the best.

When heading back to the ship and while on the beach, some locals played their music and performed their dances which was very cool to see. They had their own parade going marching all along the shore.

Everybody should go see Labadee!

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