IMG_2885Just a girl with a passion for traveling, adrenaline, and making the most of things.

My life has always been full of change and movement. I’ve learned a lot from being a military brat and that aspect of my life has had a huge influence on my desire to travel! My curiosity gets the best of me and I love getting that ‘traveler’s high’.


I’m just L-I-V-I-N. After college, I got a part time job to sponsor my full time travel…okay maybe it’s the other way around. But one day I do hope to make travel my main gig and working my side hustle 😉 Art has always been my passion, and with creativity the possibilities are endless – which I guess is why I love traveling, too. No two trips will ever be the same and every day is a new adventure. Exploring new places & trying new things is such an astonishing feeling and a continuous expansion of personal growth.

Where it all started

My world started spinning at 2 months old when I went on my first road trip. Like I mentioned before, I’m a military brat, so any chance we got to travel and see family, we took. This was the main reason I traveled so much growing up, to visit & catch up with friends and family across the U.S. that lived no where close to where we were stationed at the time. The constant road trips, plane rides, and travel just became a normal thing to me, so it feels weird when I don’t have somewhere to go.

Why I’m blogging

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve been on the road or flown somewhere. I’m thankful for the opportunities I have had thus far and am blessed to say I have already done a fair share of traveling being so young. People asked me how I did it while I was in college taking a full load of classes and working full time – and now I do it while working full time. So, I thought I’d share my travels and thoughts. I can only imagine what the road ahead has to come!