Last thoughts of 2017

It’s crazy how much can happen in one year. If you told me a year ago that this is how my life would be, I’d laugh. Nothing but improvement in all areas of my life thankfully. And I couldn’t be in a better place to kick off the new year.

“Look forward with hope. Not backwards with regret.”

This year was busy. It came and went faster than any other I think. And I’m starting to understand what adults mean when they say “time goes by quicker the older you get”. I never believed that, but we get busy with life and time keeps passing whether we want it to or not. Am I right?

It’s not necessarily a bad thing because I’d hate to live a slow, uneventful life. And my life was definitely anything but uneventful in 2017.

In the past 12 months, I’ve juggled; 13 classes over 3 semesters, 3 concerts, 14 cities, 3 countries, 1 cruise, 1 blog, working full time, friend time, family time, and who knows what else.

I’d be no where in life without a planner.

This year was friendly. Thankfully, I’m leaving this year with so many new and improved friendships. Which shout out to the real homies that have been there all year through my crazy series of events and sticking with me through my hectic schedule.

Also, shout out to the friends I made on the years cruise…only knew y’all for a week but felt like we’d known each other way longer #windjammers (only like 6 people know what that means haha). And I’ve already met up and visited with some of y’all since then.


This year was filled with unique experiences. The most memorable event for humanity was the solar eclipse. That was cool for the few minutes it lasted. But I had some of my own unforgettable memories made.

I did come cool things in 2017 like; skydiving for the second time, a backlight slide rave, go down the worlds longest zip line over water, Rock City, Ruby Falls, deep sea fish for the first time, hold a baby alligator, learned to wake surf, buy my first drink at a bar, and still manage to finish my 8th semester of college straight.

I also started this blog this year and I’m glad I’ve been able to document travels and events to look back on.

This year was about me. Last New Years I decide to make 2017 a year of self improvement. And I’ve been successful. It’s one resolution I stayed true to lol.

I added a minor to my degree and focused on school to set myself up to graduate early in spring 2018. (easier said than done)

I was selfish and didn’t let anything hold me back from reaching my goals. (Aka more travel, deans list, not being a people pleaser, and overall just doing what I want)

I didn’t make time for boys/relationships because I knew I was too busy dating myself. Does that sound weird? Whatever, gotta be better you before you become one of two.

I wanted to have that freedom of planning trips and making spontaneous decisions without having to worry about someone else. And it was so nice.

I also become closer in my faith. You live your life so much different when you stop worrying about the future and let Him work.

This years theme was views. I’m grateful I got to visit so many places this year! From road trips to airports, I consistently traveled this year having 1-2 trips a month planned. If you are wondering how I made all this possible while in college, check out this post.

I went to roughly 13 cities and 3 countries including Chattanooga, Miami, Islamorada, Nashville, Savannah, Labadee, Haiti, Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas, Nassau, Bahamas, and Athens just to name a few.

I never traveled this much in one year before and I grew so much from these trips and experiences.

“My life isn’t perfect. But it does have perfect moments.”

Overall I have high standards for 2018 because 2017 was amazing. I’ve got big things planned for next year like graduating college, hopefully crossing over the pond to Europe, and entering a new chapter of life.

Farewell 2017, you were good to me but I hope 2018 treats me even better!




One thought on “Last thoughts of 2017

  1. Matthew Parry says:

    Hi Jess, love your blog. Came here because a job applicant had a similar website and thought it was yours… oops. Check out our company Cloudbeds ( We support the digital nomad/travel lifestyle and will probably be hiring marketing coordinators next year or two.

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