What 2017 taught me

  1. There is always room for improvement
  2. Don’t let a confused boy waste your time or energy
  3. Ordering a heart shaped pizza on Valentine’s Day never disappoints
  4. I love 80s bars
  5. Never underestimate a night in
  6. The amount of time you know someone does not define the quality of the relationship
  7. How your year starts doesn’t determine how your year will end
  8. Celebrating the little things is just as important
  9. 24-hour round-trip road trips remind you of how much can be accomplished in a day
  10. It’s an honor to still be close to my childhood friends I grew up with
  11. It’s okay to do nothing for a day
  12. I enjoy seeing my grandparents and parents grow older, meeting milestones too
  13. Don’t let what is out of your control, control you
  14. Friends trips are always a good idea
  15. You can never take too many photos
  16. Judgement of others shouldn’t hold a heavy weight
  17. Always give yourself 5 more seconds to soak in the view
  18. Cherish living at home while you can
  19. Keeping your flash drive organized is such a life saver
  20. Heated blankets are worth the investment
  21. Trolling for fish is quite engaging
  22. The Everglades are way bigger than you think
  23. Art Musuems are a fun date
  24. Trying on a $30,000 coat didn’t really do anything for me
  25. Pulling off a surprise party is so rewarding
  26. Faith & Tim pull off an amazing concert and will always be relationship goals
  27. If you’re scared, do it
  28. Never turn down a chance to try something new, you might like it
  29. Skydiving a second time is just as liberating
  30. Caribbean salt water does wonders for my hair
  31. 60 second conversations can say a lot about a person
  32. A persons actions speak louder than words
  33. Don’t confuse a person for who you want them to be versus who they really are
  34. Fireworks will always take my breath away
  35. Only go to Braves games with people you can stand staying all innings with
  36. Don’t be too serious all the time
  37. You can pretty much always find a silver lining, keep looking
  38. Oldies are goodies
  39. Wake surfing is harder than it looks
  40. A solar eclipse makes cool shadows on the ground
  41. Coding takes a lot of patience
  42. Starting and maintaining a blog is work
  43. Having memories to look back on makes it worth it ^
  44. Winning on a penny slot is still a win
  45. Having an interview ready outfit on standby is smart
  46. Running 68 miles in one month is possible
  47. You won’t regret going to the fair just for fried Oreos
  48. Everybody got engaged or knocked up this year but me, and I’m okay with that
  49. The only thing that really changes when your 21 is the orientation of your drivers license
  50. Garth Brooks still puts on a good show after all these years
  51. I can ride a mechanical bull for 2+ minutes
  52. The view looking down from an airplane doesn’t get old
  53. A bad professor doesn’t have to mean a bad semester
  54. You will gain at least 10 lbs from a cruise
  55. St. Thomas has the best tacos I’ve experienced thus far in my life
  56. Taking an Uber is more fun than I thought
  57. Silent discos are the best of both worlds because you can either change the station or actually hold a conversation by taking the headphones off
  58. Going on the world’s longest zip line over a body of water is worth it
  59. Sea urchins are pretty sharp when holding one
  60. Some people still don’t know the left lane is for passing
  61. Candids > posed pics
  62. You can’t plan too many trips
  63. Going a week without internet/social media is just what you need sometimes
  64. Blacklight slides and raves are a good time
  65. Everything always works out

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