21 Things I want to do while 21

When most people turn 21, they don’t set their sights any higher than wanting to order cocktails and adapting to a new lifestyle in bars. However, I want something a little more interesting and adventurous. I find that when you actually write things down you don’t forget and are more likely to complete the things you want to. So I’ve listed 21 things I hope to do while I’m 21 years old. Hopefully I can have everything crossed off this list by my 22nd birthday!

  1. Graduate CollegeThis is my year, I’m graduating college 3 years after I graduated high school and although these years have flown by it wasn’t easy. I’m so happy I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! And then it’s on to bigger and scarier things–real life.
  2. Get an internship/job– I need to dip my toes in the water and jump start my career. Sooner than later I’m going to have a big girl job and I couldn’t be more excited to start working in the field I’m passionate about.
  3. Move out- Unfortunately you can’t ride the gravy train forever and my time is coming to spread my wings. The nest has gotten very comfortable but I need my own space. I highly recommend staying at home while in college for many reasons but I’m very much looking forward to being Miss Independent.
  4. Visit Europe More specifically Italy and Greece are my top picks, but I would be happy to go anywhere in Europe that has good food, fine art, and beautiful sunsets.
  5. Skydive…again– I’m one tandem jump away from being able to solo skydive! The adrenaline rush you get in that 60 seconds is addicting and I can only imagine what it’s like when you jump without someone attached to you!
  6. Ride a mechanical bull- I’ve always wanted to see how long I could last. This happened at a bar one week after I turned 21 and after two minutes I hopped off because it takes every muscle to hold on…I was sore for the next week.
  7. Go on a cruise….again– I had a blast with my best friend on my first cruise last year and I want to go on another one. Theres ALWAYS something to do and the food is endless. Plus porting at new countries is always exciting!
  8. Get a tattoo-I’ve always wanted to get a tattoo but the problem is I can never settle on an idea. Of course I want it to have meaning too…maybe this year I’ll figure that out. But I’m not going to settle for anything because it’s there forever! And I think it’d be really cool to design it myself, idk we’ll see.
  9. Order a drink at the barWhat else do you do when you turn 21?
  10. Gamble at a casinoI gambled at the casino on my last cruise if you count penny slots? But I’m looking forward to playing black jack or poker–just have to learn some more from my dad before I donate my money to the table.
  11. Go to a drag-queen show- Because why not? Everyone that’s been to one has told me that they are so much fun and entertaining. I’m up for a girls night out.
  12. Quit something Not exactly sure what, but change is good and leads to new beginnings. And a lot of change is coming up this year.
  13. Edit my resume I need to get my act together and just do it. Wouldn’t it be responsible of me to have a resume ready since I’m graduating college this spring? This is the start of being an adult.
  14. Take a community class- I want to try and learn new things. More specifically I’d love to take a cooking class. I love to cook I just never know how/what to cook.
  15. Go to a vineyard- Nothing better than fine wine and a cheese platter. Spending a day wine tasting over the scenery of a vineyard would be glamorous.
  16. Have bottomless mimosas at brunch- I love brunch and since turning 21 I’ve wanted to experience this. Going to have to make sure I have the whole day off work.
  17. Try yoga- I want to get in the routine of living an active lifestyle so what better way than to try something new. I hear yoga is really good for you, so want to try it out.
  18. Get a rewards card for Sky Miles- If I could get rewards towards plane tickets for spending money, why wouldn’t I?!?! I got places to go and things to see, need to get on the Sky Miles status.
  19. Go to Nashville…again- I went when I wasn’t 21… so I need to go back and experience Nashvegas the right way, am I right? I can tell you the food is good though!
  20. Complete 3 things off my Bucket List I have a lot to do on my bucket list, I need to stay proactive about it so I can get it all done in my lifetime! Plus it’s always an adventure traveling to new places and trying new things. 
  21. Visit 3 new countriesHopefully I visit more than 3 countries in a year but this is an attainable goal.

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